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Hiking Challenge

Tighten up those hiking boots!!! We are excited to extend the 2020 Hiking Challenge into this year concluding in June 2021. Hike your way to a healthier trailblazing past 2020! Challenge your friends and family, local surroundings, and or out of state hiking trails until the end of June.  

The first 10 participants to enroll will receive a string bag-pack & sports bottle to help with this month’s challenge. Contactless drive-thru pick-up for the bag-pack will be available every first and third Friday of each month between 3-6 p.m. at the Live Oak Community Center 10144 Bogue St., Temple City CA 91780.

To Get started…

Hikers must complete a total of five hikes to receive a HealthyTC Hiking Challenge 2020 Pin Challenge. Below is a list of the recommended hikes to complete.  CLICK HERE

Please note, this is a hiking challenge to complete on your own time. You may either complete five hikes in each category (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) or hike a combination of various trails to complete your challenge on your own schedule. 


To register, please visit ActiveNetLink.  Registration open now, and continues through Thursday, June 24 5 p.m. The $15.00 registration fee includes the following.                                        

  • Hiker’s Log (Emailed)
  • 2020 Hiking Challenge Pin (Mailed after completion of challenge)
  • AllTrails App link information (IOS, Android)

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AllTrails App

We encourage all participants to download the AllTrails app. The AllTrails app allows you to get directions to trail heads, review trails, photos, and any other needed information before visiting. You can input the name of the trail from the list we have provided directly into the app to get more information. 

Tracking and Submitting Hikes

Hikers will be responsible for tracking their own hikes using the provided Hikers’ Log and submitting the log once they have completed their challenge. Submit your log in one of two ways:

  1. Scan and email the Hikers’ Log to Jordi Ubaldo, Parks & Recreation Coordinator, at jubaldo@templecity.us
  2. Mail the Hikers’ Log to City of Temple City, Attn: J. Ubaldo – Hiking Challenge 2020, 9701 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City, CA 91780.
  3. Pins will be mailed after log has been completed and reviewed.  

Deadline to submit is Friday, June 25, by 5 p.m.

Tips for Hikers - BE SAFE!

  • Remember to maintain physical social distancing while hiking on the trails and adhere to L.A. County’s Safer at Home Order. 
  • CLICK  HERE to view today's air quality forecast.
  • Consider hiking during the morning hours when the weather is cooler and with a buddy. Always be aware of your surrounding and pack a healthy snack & plenty of water.


Where can I hike? 
Pick your favorite trail from the list provided or select a trail of your own in your community, county or state.

Fire closures have shut down my favorite trail?
Fires can cause trail closures that limit access to trails for weeks, months or even years. With our list provided you can select different trails to complete your challenge.

When do I need to complete my hikes?
Any time by or before Friday, June 25, 2021 at 12 p.m.

Can I hike with my dog or stroller?
Please check to local laws and codes prior to any hike. If dogs are allowed be sure to keep your dog on a short leash and are courteous to other hikers. We have also provide you a list of trails for family friendly hikes with and without strollers.

Can I hike any mountain outside of Southern California trails, or out of state?
Of course, you can! HealthyTC encourages all hikers to get up and get out no matter the location. As with all activities, all local health orders should be followed. 

Do I have to wear my HealthyTC shirt?
We encourage hikers to wear their HealthyTC shirt to experience the unity of community and also to represent our proud city. We would also love to see some of your pictures or videos from your hike with your shirt! Tag us @connectwithTC and or #HealthyTC

What happens if I do not complete the Challenge I signed up for?
We encourage everyone to complete their challenge they registered for. We will still award you the pin and recognize you for the hikes you completed.