Arbor Day Art Contest

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National Arbor Day is April 30, 2021 and to celebrate we are hosting an Art Contest! 

Arbor Day is an annual celebration of trees and their importance to our community and the world! Across the State, communities honor trees and you can participate too.

There is a whole world outside your window! Can you see any trees from your window? Does your family go to a park, so you can play, hike, or run under trees? Have you ever climbed a tree? Can you believe that just touching a tree connects you to the natural world and can help reduce some of the stress you might feel? Have you ever noticed that after being outside, you feel calmer? We have learned that being around trees can help us concentrate, relax, and do better on schoolwork. Think about how trees invite YOU outside and what that means to you – and create an art piece that reflects the theme of “Trees Invite Me Outside.”

Youth ages 3 to 17 residing in, or attending school in Temple City are invited to submit their art for Arbor Day.  Draw, paint or collage a picture demonstrating how trees play an important role in our community.  The winning artists will be awarded prize ribbons and special prize packs and winning submissions will be featured on the Temple City website and social media platforms. 

Arbor Day Art Contest Rules

  • Complete the online application IN FULL.
  • Original art to be created by youth residing or attending school in Temple City.
  • Only one art submission per child.
  • Entries must be created on an 8 ½ x 11 inch size paper.
  • Art may be created with marker, crayon, paint pens, watercolor, ink, paint, colored pencils, chalk, or as a collage.  (Computer or photo generated art and/or printing is not acceptable.)
  • Entries should not display names of commercial products, companies or organizations.  
  • The art submission must be related to the contest theme in some way and the “Trees Invite Me Outside” theme must be incorporated into the art design.
  • Upload your submission beginning March 29 through April 22 to the link below. 

To enter the Arbor Day Art Contest, click the link to submit an online application and artwork:  ARBOR DAY ART CONTEST

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