Community Development

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Comments on the Draft Housing Element Due Monday, August 9

The City is seeking your comments on the Draft Housing Element – a plan to address how the City can meet its share of the region’s housing need – by Monday, August 9.  The Housing Element creates programs and policies to preserve, improve, and develop housing for all income levels. Every eight years, a City is required to update its Housing Plan with new policies and strategies that effect how land is used and developed.  The City has created a two-page Fact Sheet to act as a summary of the Draft Housing Element.  The Housing Element webpage includes resources such as a staff report that provides an analysis of the Draft Housing Element, a PowerPoint presentation given to the City Council and Planning Commission, and a way to request e-mail or text message updates.  Please send your questions or comments to our project manager, Hesty Liu, at or (626) 285-2171 ext. 4314.  (Updated 08/05/2021)

June Monthly Report 

The Community Development Department has released its monthly report for the month of June. The report demonstrates that construction activity in the city is continuing to rebound from last year. The first six months of 2021 saw a 58% increase in building permits issued compared to the same period last year. The valuation of work done under these permits has also increased. As mentioned last month, the scale of new projects continues to be mainly smaller projects such as accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and home additions. In June, the City’s planners took in five applications for accessory dwelling units and four for home additions. 53 community preservation cases were opened in June.