City Elections

General municipal elections for City Council and ballot measures are held the first Tuesday in March of odd-numbered years. The City Clerk's Office conducts municipal elections in accordance to procedures established by the California Elections Code. 


Beginning January 1, 2018, Senate Bill 415 (“SB 415”), the California Voter  Participation Rights Act, took effect.  SB 415 prohibits a local government from holding an election on any date other than a statewide election date if doing so in the past has resulted in voter turnout that is at least 25 percent below the average turnout in that jurisdiction in the last four statewide general elections, as specified.  

Temple City's standalone municipal election turnout rate for the past four statewide elections was less than half the rate needed to meet the "turnout less 25%" standard under SB 415.  

At the February 20, 2018, City  Council meeting, City Council  adopted Resolution No. 18-5313 ordering submission to the qualified electors of the City, a measure to amend the City's Charter Section 501, to change the date of the City's Municipal Elections from March of odd-numbered years to March of even-numbered years, to comply with SB 415.  

City Council also adopted Resolution No. 18-5314 requesting the Board of Supervisors to consolidate the City's Special Municipal election to be held on June 5, 2018, with the Statewide Election.

Notices and deadlines relating to the Special Municipal Election is as follows:


 Vietnamese THÔNG BÁO BẦU CỬ  

 3/16/2018 Impartial Analysis - Last day for City Attorney to transmit impartial analysis of measure to the City Clerk.  
3/16/2018 Arguments - Last day to submit arguments to the City Clerk.  Arguments may not exceed 300 words in length.

Arguments must be submitted using this form.
03/17/2018 - 03/26/2018 Public Examination Period for Ballot Measure Materials.  
03/26/2018 Rebuttals - Last day for authors of arguments to submit rebuttals to the City Clerk.  A rebuttal may not exceed 250 words
 Public Examination Period for Rebuttals   

Municipal Election Results

Please submit a public records request for results prior to 2001.

 Year Date 

 2015 March 3 Official Results Sample Ballot
 2013 March 5 Official Results
Sample Ballot
 2011 March 8 Official Results
Sample Ballot
 2009 March 3 Official Results
Sample Ballot
 2007 March 6 Official Results
Sample Ballot
 2005 March 8 Official Results
Sample Ballot
 2003 March 4 Official Results
Sample Ballot
 2001 March 6 Official Results
Sample Ballot

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