Community Development Director Hearing

The Community Development Director holds public hearings to make decisions on certain development project applications as specified in the Zoning Code.  Decisions of the Community Development Director may be appealed to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Agendas & Minutes

Legend: S - Special Meeting, R - Regular Meeting, C - Cancelled Meeting
Type Date Agenda Minutes
S 01/23/2018 Agenda N/A
S 01/09/2018 Agenda N/A
R 10/10/2017 Agenda N/A
R 06/09/2017 Agenda N/A
R 04/11/2017 Agenda N/A
R 12/20/2016 Agenda N/A
R 11/08/2016 Agenda Minutes
R 06/16/2016 Agenda Audio
C 06/03/2016 Agenda N/A
R 09/08/2016 Agenda Minutes
C 02/10/2016 Agenda N/A
R 01/13/2015 Agenda Minutes