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Healthy Temple City T-Shirt Request

  1. Healthy TC T-Shirt Registration Form
    Welcome to Healthy Temple City where we strive for our community to Live Well and Be Active. The Parks & Recreation Department's new initiative promotes wellness for individuals and families in our diverse community through active programs and recreation. Our goal is to deliver innovative monthly programming empowering the community through wellness, fitness, and mental health to live well and be active while having fun.
  2. Membership is free for Healthy Temple City and is open to all community members and includes a free t-shirt upon enrollment (while supplies last). Once enrollment is completed you will be contacted in 2-3 business days to pick up your t-shirt pick-up every first and third Friday, between 3-6 p.m. at Live Oak Park Community Center, 10144 Bogue St., Temple City, CA 91780. Have questions? Please email them to
  3. HealthyTC T-Shirt
    Healthy TC Shirts
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