Housing Element

Temple City is kicking off an effort to update its 2022-2030 Housing Plan with a community meeting.  The meeting is set for:

Wednesday, February 24

7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

This online, virtual meeting will introduce an update to the City’s Housing Element.  During the meeting, we will provide you some background on the Housing Element and cover topics such as affordable housing and the City’s share of the regional housing need.   For more questions, e-mail planning@templecity.us, or call (626) 656-7316.

Link and Instructions for Community Meeting:  

Click this link to join by your computer. For instructions on how to use GoToMeeting, please click here.

Or, to call in, dial +1 (646) 749-3122.  The meeting ID is 930-118-813.  

Click here to view the presentation.

To help with fielding questions, please email your comments to planning@templecity.us before or during the meeting.  Or, people using the computer link, can ask questions and give statements using the GoToMeeting chat function.  

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More Information:  The City’s Housing Plan is a required chapter or “element” of the City’s long range General Plan. The Housing Plan addresses how the City can meet its share of the region’s housing need. It does this by creating programs and policies to preserve, improve, and develop housing for all income levels. Every eight years, a City must update its Housing Plan with new policies and strategies that effect how land is used and developed. The Housing Plan can determine the shape, the pattern, and the density of housing development within a community as well as housing programs. Temple City is now entering another cycle of the Housing Element update and is reaching out to you for input on future housing policy.

Additional Resources:

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