Property Maintenance Standards

Doing your part to make your property look good helps to enhance our neighborhoods and attract visitors to our businesses. Well-maintained properties benefit both business owners and residents by encouraging lower crime rates, increasing property values, and building community pride.

Residential Properties

Residential Property Maintenance Brochure
  • Do not park or store cars in the front yard, except on a driveway leading to a garage
  • Do not convert garages to living space
  • Keep landscaping properly maintained
  • Keep all buildings properly maintained; repair any peeling paint or plaster
  • Do not leave trash cans on the street except for one day before and one day after your pickup days; do not store trash cans in the front yard
  • Do not store items in your front yard or on your front porch
  • Do not park or store inoperable or dismantled vehicles on your property except in an enclosed garage
  • When holding a yard sale, get a permit from the City and follow all regulations

Commercial Properties

  • Get a business license from the City; all businesses require a license
  • Get a permit from the City for all signs
  • Remove all signs for businesses that are no longer operating; remove all evidence of old signs including filling holes and painting walls
  • Get a permit from the City for all banners
  • Do not place signs or banners in the public right-of-way
  • Keep all buildings properly maintained; repair any peeling paint or plaster, damaged signs, and broken windows
  • Keep parking areas and sidewalks clean and free of trash
  • Remove all graffiti within 72 hours
  • Do not store or display any merchandise outdoors
If you have received a Notice to Comply from Community Preservation and need an extension, please fill out this form and email it to Community Preservation Officers or Please refer to this map for your Community Preservation Officer.