Legal Resources

The City Attorney is unable to give legal advice to the public. To receive assistance with a private legal matter, the following resources will provide helpful information.

Business Complaints
The Better Business Bureau offers business complaint and dispute resolution services; they also provide information on a company’s business practice. To contact them, please call 888-983-312.

Child Support
The Los Angeles Child Support Services Department assists in opening a child support case and collecting child and spousal support payments. To contact them, please call 866-901-3212.

County Superior Court
The Los Angeles County Superior Court resolves disputes involving family law and probate issues; and civil, criminal, small claims, and traffic cases. To contact them, please call 213-974-5279.

Criminal Matters
The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office investigates and prosecutes criminal activity and provides assistance to crime victims. To contact them, please call 213-974-3512.

Legal Services & Referrals
The Los Angeles County Bar Association provides a number of low-cost and sliding scale legal services and referrals. To contact them, please call 213-627-2727.

Public Defender
The Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office offers legal representation for indigent people facing criminal charges and mental health commitments. To contact them, please call 213-974-2811.

Tenant & Landlord Assistance
The Housing Rights Center assists in tenant-landlord disputes and enforces state and federal fair housing laws. To contact them, please call 800-477-5977 or 213-201-0867.