Traffic Counts

Temple City's commercial corridors are prime business sites, carrying upwards of 30,000 vehicles daily. Click the map to view our latest counts from 2010.

Traffic count data are provided as Average Daily Traffic, generally regarded as close approximations to the actual number of vehicles that pass a specific location on any given day. See below for detailed data, including directional and peak rush-hour volume. 

Las Tunas Dr.
Muscatel Ave. to Rosemead Blvd.
Encinita Ave. to Temple City Blvd.
Sultana Ave. to Encinita Ave.
Temple City Blvd. to Baldwin Ave.

Rosemead Blvd.
Northern City Limits to Longden Ave.
Longden Ave. to Las Tunas Dr.
Las Tunas Dr. to Broadway
Broadway to Southern City Limits

No warranties of any sort, including accuracy, fitness or merchantability accompany this data.