Financial Incentives

The City of Temple City offers economic development incentives on a case-by-case basis to prospective businesses and developers that provide new jobs, desired retail tenant, significant investment and contribute to local quality of life.

Available incentives include:
  • Property tax abatements for improvements to real property and/or business property, excluding land. 
  • Sales tax rebates on any taxable retail sale made in City limits, with a rebate on all or a portion of the City's sales tax share for up to five years. 
  • Development and impact fee waivers, deferral, grants or rebates on all or a portion of related fees, including but not limited to building permit, development, utility connection and impact fees.
  • Cost participation for necessary extension, construction or reconstruction of public infrastructure. (Limited to improvements within public right-of-ways and easements.)
  • Matching grants and low-interest loans for property owners and business tenants along commercial corridors to renovate and enhance building facades.